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Remembrance Day

On this day we remember the millions of men and woman who gave their lives in behalf of their country. As a Service Dog organization, we also remember the thousands of Service Dogs who served in both the First

The Public Access Test

ADI states that for dogs to be certified for access to public places like shopping malls, movie theaters and public pools, they must pass a standardized test. This test is called the Public Access Test (PAT) and is administered by a staff member of the assistance dog organization.

Accessibility Laws

Canadian accessibility laws for assistance dogs and their handlers differ from province to province. A complete list of these laws can be found at www.nsd.on.ca/about/legislation.

Types of Assistance Dogs

There are many types of assistance dogs being used worldwide. The determining factor in which type of service dog used is the disability the recipient has. There are three types of assistance dogs: guide dogs, hearing dogs, and service dogs. This last category is where National Service Dogs fits in, as you could probably tell […]