NSD Aussie

Aussie is currently with his puppy raiser. He is being taught a foundation of house manners and cues, for becoming a well-socialized part of the community.

All of the training and care provided to each dog would not be possible without the support of generous volunteers and donors.

Breed: Lab Golden Mix

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: August 25, 2021

Sire: COPE Yorkie

Dam: NSD Penelope

Litter: A Litter

Breeder Sponsor: IODE Eldon House Chapter

Puppy Sponsor: Print Nest Custom Portraits

Whelping Home: Tara Kirkby

Puppy Starter: Becky Laba

Puppy Raiser: Alex Leggett

Adult Raiser:

Training Updates

Aussie is settling in nicely with us! He has been working on sit, down, loose leash walking, and some impulse control. He is smart and eager to learn, making him a lot of fun to work with. Aussie also has a sleepy, cuddly side that we are enjoying!

Aussie is almost 6 months – time flies when you’re growing and learning! He is sweet and smart and thinks training and learning new things is lots of fun. People and dogs can be a little distracting so we are slowly challenging him with training in busier environments. He spends lots of days at work with me and can usually be found fast asleep beside my desk.

Aussie is a sweet boy who enjoys cuddling and giving lots of kisses. He has recently learned “under” and now loves offering it anytime we sit down. He’s a very eager learner! While at home and at work, Aussie settles well for hours at a time. In new environments, and particularly in-jacket, we are now working on transitioning from training to settling. Some days this is easier than others!

Aussie turned one last month and celebrated with a weekend of camping, canoeing, and hiking. We have started leaving him home alone out of his crate for short periods of time and he has been very successful. Aussie continues to demonstrate a fairly calm demeanour in busy environments, and we are working on exposing him to novel objects and scenarios. He loves to learn and has recently been working on stand, chin, and step.