NSD Ronnie

Ronnie is currently with his puppy raiser. He is being taught a foundation of house manners and cues, for becoming a well-socialized part of the community.

All of the training and care provided to each dog would not be possible without the support of generous volunteers and donors.

Breed: Lab x Golden Retriever

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: August 8, 2021

Sire: COPE Yorkie

Dam: NSD Yasha

Litter: Y Litter

Sponsor: Sponsored by Ronmar Farm, in honor and memory of Ron Wisniewski, and whose farm made the fundraising sponsorship possible

Whelping Home: Pat & Bruce Ireland

Puppy Starter: David Lai

Puppy Raiser: Alison Archambault

Adult Raiser:

Training Updates

I went to my puppy raiser on Saturday evening and took my first plane ride.  My puppy raiser family lives in the foothills in Alberta, including 3 dogs, 3 cats, ducks, chickens and horses.  We have so much fun space to explore behind our acreage in the Kananaskis.

Yesterday, we went for a short walk with the other dogs along the river and I took a little wade. I learned that we don’t chase or bark at ducks and chickens because it scares them and I met the members of Redwood Meadows Emergency Services, where we’ll spend a lot of time – those big red trucks are loud!

I was so tuckered out at the end of the day that I slept almost all the way through the night.  This week, I’m off to my day job helping the team at the Calgary Zoo and learning how to “sit”, “lie down”, kennel manners, walking nicely on my leash and doing a few short public outings.

I promise to send you lots of updates about all the fun I’m having in Alberta.

Licks and tag wags,

National Service Dogs’ RONNIE (and the Archambaut-Berreth family)

I’ve been in Bragg Creek for a month now with my puppy raiser family and I wanted to send you an update.

Here’s a Halloween photo of me with my rottweiler friends: Arden (devil), Cash (top hat) and Harlowe (spider).  We have so much fun together! The cats and I are getting to know each other slowly. The horses and cows have big hooves and smell bad, so I stay away from them.  I’ve learned that “chickens are our friends” so I don’t chase them.

I spend my days at the Calgary Zoo under Alison’s desk.  Her team likes to come visit me and rub my belly.  We have been going to lots of places and I’m learning lots. I’m almost house trained now, my kennel manners are coming along well and I’m learning how to sit, lie down, go to my mat and come when I’m called.

It snowed in Bragg Creek on Friday night. It’s up to my belly and so much fun to roll in.

~NSD Ronnie

My adventure in Alberta continues – I’m learning so much!  I have been visiting lots of places in my jacket and making lots of new friends including taxi cabs, city buses, grocery stores and Tim Hortons.  Last week I began going on the pool deck beside Alison while she swims laps.  The lifeguards say that “I’m such a good boy”.

I’ve mastered house training and waking up the grown-ups if I need to go outside.  The cats and I have become friends.  Well, maybe not friends, but one of them likes to lie beside me and play with me, which is fun.  I love having my belly rubbed.

Speaking of outside, we now have snow in the Rocky Mountains.  It’s so much fun to play in and roll in.  This weekend I helped look for Christmas trees in the Kananaskis.  Once we found the perfect trees, we brought them inside and decorated them.  I learned that we can’t play with trees and branches inside the house, we can only chew on tree branches outside the house.

I’m sending along my family’s Christmas card picture with wishes for you and your family to have Happy Holidays.

Licks and tail wags,


 It was so cold here in Bragg Creek over the holidays (-30 plus windchill daily) so we didn’t get outside much to play. It’s much warmer now, so I’m outside playing in the fluffy zoo (my favourite thing to do) and visiting lots of places in jacket.

Last week, I practiced on a playground structure in Bow Valley Provincial Park.  It was so much fun!

As I head towards my 6 month birthday, I’m growing lots and have started working on high school skills because I’ve already completed all of my kindergarten and grade school skills – easy peasey!  My NSD trainer says I’m a pretty smart guy!

I’m now 6-months old and keep growing taller! My puppy raisers say that “I’m all heart and legs”.

I’m learning to do more of my commands independently, working on door manners and learning new skills such as “chin” and “near”.  My favourite part is that I get treats every time I do something correctly.

We’re off to BC to visit family this weekend.  I’m looking forward to new adventures and new smells!

Here’s an updated photo of me working.

Ronnie is 7 months old and still growing lots.  He’s been learning new skills around the house including door manners, “near”, “chin”.  He is a pro at all his obedience commands now.

The heavy spring snowfalls have begun in the mountains and he is having so much fun playing in all this snow!

Well, March was sure a lot of fun.  My puppy raisers helped me get dressed in St. Patrick’s Day attire.  To be honest, I really liked it. Everyone is talking about Easter in the house.  I don’t know what “bunny ears” mean but it sounds like fun.
On April 6th, I’ll be 8-months old.  Now that my growing pains have gone away, I’m back to working in jacket regularly.  We have explored so many fun places in jacket – Alison says I’m such a smart fellow.  I have mastered “leave it”.  No matter how good something smells, I don’t look at it or smell it when I’m told not to.  When we’re working in stores, I check in with Alison often with my eyes to make sure I’m doing things properly.  We’re practicing loose leash walking on the right side.  It’s easy! Spring has come to the Rocky Mountains finally.  The snow is melting, the rivers are flowing and I have decided I like swimming a lot.

Today is my 10-month birthday – can you believe how big and handsome I’ve become?

Here’s some updated photos for you to enjoy.

Helping Alison do a Costco run.  I wear a “haltie” when I’m working because I’m so tall that my head is above most things in the store and I need a gentle reminder of where my head needs to be sometimes.

I love swimming and wading and swimming and wading.  Doesn’t matter how cold the river is!

I can’t remember if I told you that I got a new kitten friend, his name is “Gryffin”.  He is so much fun to play with – except sometimes he steals my dog toys and gets mad when I take them back from him and swats me in the head.

The snow is finally (mostly) gone in the mountains. When I find a patch of snow high up, I like to roll in it and grunt.

Flower shopping with Alison

Waiting in grocery store checkout lineups is so boring!

I’m now 11 months old and have been working on my skills and having fun in the mountains.  I have been showing off my good manners at Millarville Farmers Market, watching Alison do laps at the pool and hiking with my rottweiler pals. It’s been so hot here that we have been spending lots of time swimming in the Elbow River early in the morning.  I love fetching sticks and swimming!

August 5th is a very special day – I turned 1 year old!

In addition to a birthday party with my rottweiler pals complete with ice cream, I got to have a big swim in the Elbow river…my very favourite way to spend time.