Without the support of generous volunteers and donors, we would not be able to develop our breeding program and bring more life-changing dogs into the world.

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: March 25, 2021

Sire: PADS Robbie

Dam: PADS Devon

Litter: Donation

Sponsor: Friends and Family of the Ottawa Police Service

Puppy Raiser: Nadia Mohamed and John Challinor

Adult Raiser: Marilyn Nijboer

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Training Updates

Liberty has been doing very well with her foundational skills. She is eager to work and learn. She has tons of energy and is working on channelling that into positive behaviours. Once she learns a new skill, she loves to rock it all the time always (like her sits, downs and eye contact). We are excited to see how she continues to progress!

Liberty has been making great strides in her training. She is getting more and more comfortable with public outings and she is a very social dog and loves to meet animals and people when she has the chance. We are very much enjoying working with Liberty and getting to see her progress.

Liberty has come leaps and bounds. She is a hyper pup with lots of love and cuddles to give. We are still working on accepting pets from strangers while keeping our cool (how can she stay calm when it’s so exciting!). Liberty has really improved with her loose leash walking. She is eager to learn and loves training sessions.

Liberty is the sweetest girl. She loves everyone she meets – adults, kids, animals. She is very social. Liberty has been coming to the office a ton (see picture) and is doing so well. We are so proud of her. We are continuing to work on her excitability. Her socialness is her biggest strength and her tricky spot :), but we know she will continue to mature and develop her working skills.

Liberty is progressing nicely with all of her skills, although we are working on showing less enthusiasm when greeting new friends. Liberty loves walks, visiting the local market and walking with the neighbourhood children to school.

We are pleased to welcome Liberty into our breeding program!