NSD Blue

Blue is currently with his puppy raiser. He is being taught a foundation of house manners and cues, for becoming a well-socialized part of the community.

All of the training and care provided to each dog would not be possible without the support of generous volunteers and donors.

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: March 22, 2021

Sire: PADS Robbie

Dam: PADS Posy

Litter: Donation

Sponsor: Friends and Family of the Ottawa Police Service

Puppy Raiser: Alyssa Marfisi & Margaux Mandigo

Adult Raiser: Sue Colson

Training Updates
Blue is a cuddly and loving guy who is very smart and loves to learn! He’s working on his down and is always showing off his sitting skills! He is getting better at watching the birds and letting them play in the yard without chasing them away but still loves to eat the garden bed mulch! His favourite activity is eating pupsicles and his favourite time of day is of course snuffle mat time to eat his meals. He plays hard and naps hard and his preferred lullaby is any song of Justin Bieber’s. We’re loving getting to know this sweet guy!

Our bug-a-Blue is almost 4 months old and we can’t believe it! He loves to learn and show us what he can do. He likes to be challenged and shares in our excitement when he masters a new skill. He started wearing a car harness and he did so well learning that it’s important for him! We’ve been working on staying calm in new environments and Blue loves to stay in his ‘down’ and watch the world go by at the local parks (encouraged with lots of kibbles of course!). He’s practicing new footings and is a little hesitant at first but is eager to show us he’s a quick learner. He loves going for walks to practice his loose leash skills as they progress! He tries to help by putting his leash in his mouth and walking himself out the door so that’s something we’re working hard to redirect. Blue is also currently getting eye drops and learned quickly to come and sit with his back to me so I can administer them easily. Blue loves to cuddle and we’re so lucky to be a part of seeing this sweet guy grow!

Blue turns 5 months old in August and we can’t believe how big he is getting! He continues to work on his loose leash walking. Some days he loves it and does very well! And other days he’s just not into it so we take a break from walking that day and work on other skills. We continue to work on his halti conditioning and are slowly able to increase the duration he leaves it on without pawing at it and he’s been improving! With a lot of training persistence, he’s becoming less interested in biting his leash, so we are taking this as a win! He’s getting lots of teeth and thankfully teething on his toys which we are grateful for! We’ve been working hard with Blue on settling at home and he is able to be successful in less and less time- he was able to successfully settle on his first patio visit, even surrounded by his major distraction- dogs! He’s been learning that grocery carts, as loud as they may be, won’t hurt him and he’s been practicing walking beside the cart and is becoming more confident with each new practice session. He had his first in jacket visit to Canadian Tire and learned that automatic doors aren’t scary and was able to focus and obey commands even in a new place and we are very proud of this being his first public appearance! Blue has been sporting a cone this month and has impressed us with his adaptability- he rocks it and doesn’t let it stand in the way of anything! Blue continues to prove to us every day that he loves working and tries to please us with each new task and we are very proud of this sweet, smart and eager pup!

Our baby Blue is now 6 months old and we can’t believe how much he keeps changing, growing and maturing! We’ve been working hard at dog distraction and keeping Blue’s attention when around other pups, and he’s doing very well knowing to leave other ‘friends’ alone when he’s on a leash. He’s started to notice squirrels and chipmunks more but quickly checks in with us and can ‘leave them’ pretty consistently. He’s made leaps and bounds in his recall (a slice of banana does the trick!) and is becoming more consistent with his ‘drop it’. He adores walking and does very well with his loose leash; next, we’ll be working at getting him used to his halti while walking. His major success this month has been learning to climb the open-backed hardwood stairs, which has saved our backs! Blue is always looking for ways to show us how smart he is and how eager he is to work and we are so incredibly proud of all the progress he’s made! He still loves his cuddle time and his snuggles ensure no one is ever feeling ‘Blue’ around him 💙

It’s October and this month has brought on the puppy teenage hormones for our boy Blue! He is growing and changing and still as sweet as ever- sometimes with listening ears and sometimes without :). Blue has been working on walking consistently with his halti and as always, working on improving his loose leash walking. He loves exploring different trails and sniffing in the leaves! We continue to work on his duration with his ‘mat’ and ‘stay’ cues and are working on consistency with his ‘drop it’. Blue’s biggest change this month has been accompanying me to the office. He’s been incredible with his settling and has already made great improvements in his meet and greets meeting so many new friends! He loves working in jacket and has settled at quite a few restaurants, including his first very noisy indoor dining experience. We love seeing Blue grow and learn new things while solidifying his foundational skills. His sweet face melts our hearts each day!

Blue turned 8 months and is becoming quite the little gentleman. He was part of a puppy swap this month and experienced a new home for 2 weeks (thanks, Kelly family!) His major learning has been to start generalizing his ability to climb stairs and he worked on this a lot with the Kellys as well as upon his return home. He’s started to approach them with a little more confidence and next we’re working on stair manners both up and down. He’s doing very well with his duration on his mat and his public work and ability to focus on cues is very good. He continues to work on his LLW skills and is improving with wearing his halti for walks and public outings. His recall has allowed him some off-leash romps and he loves to sniff and explore! He’s becoming a cuddlier guy and loves sleeping in his ‘forts’ of snuggle blankets in the evenings while we watch TV. Oh- and he loves the snow! He’s such an old soul and we’re really enjoying being part of his journey!

December is here and Blue is 9 months old! His little brain just continues to blow us away with how much he likes to learn and be challenged. We’ll often find him on his box that we use to teach rear-end awareness as he loves to show off his balance and core strength that he’s very quickly developed! This work has brought increasing confidence with stairs and stair climbing is an ongoing skill we’re working on. He continues to love banana and cheese and these delicious treats we’ve used to teach that door knocking and doorbell ringing means Go to Mat! We continue to work at his settling and he’s doing very well to ‘switch off’. He loves sniffing for ‘find its’ and his sniff breaks on walks- both during his structured walks and his off-leash time! We continue to enjoy learning from and with him and being part of his journey- he brings us joy each and every day.

This 10-month-old guy has been loving the snow that this month has brought! He’s done very well adjusting to walking on some icy surfaces and loves putting his whole face in the snow for sniff breaks, often walking around with a snow beard! We continue to work on consistency with his LLW, especially when distractions are present- he sometimes wants to greet other humans and pups that pass so we’re working on his focus on us. Blue has been jumping more during greetings so we’re working on appropriate meets and greets in a calm way. He’s full of teenage swagger which means we’ve been reinforcing settling and working on his ‘off’ switch. Blue has learned the ‘chin’ cue this month and is working on his ‘near’. We continue to challenge him with different impulse control work and he’s doing very well! We’ve started working back in jacket since the Christmas break and he’s remembering quickly how to settle with SO many new sights, sounds and smells. This guy has become a little cuddlier since his neuter and we are loving any snuggles he offers. We’re excited to continue to work with this loving, hardworking boy!

Blue is 11 months old and continues to mature into such a smart and steady guy! He’s growing more and more confident using the stairs and we’ll be working at going up and down at a regular pace now that he’s more comfortable. We’re working on continual desensitization to his gentle leader- he doesn’t mind it going on but sometimes in new environments, he finds it too much so that’s something we’re working on! He’s come leaps and bounds in his settling skills and is much better at turning ‘off’. He’s able to calmly meet new people but may throw in a little hop up to their face so we’re working on more down-stay meet and greets. He’s gained a lot of confidence in jacket with some purposeful visits and his settling in public has improved as well. Our favourite memory from this month was getting away and bringing him on all sorts of new adventures- new trails, new places and a new home for a week; we are immensely proud of how his skills generalized in these new environments and loved seeing him succeed in settling into a new routine for a short time! We can’t wait to see what’s in store for this guy as he continues to mature.

Blue is 13 months old! He celebrated his birthday with his bestest pup friends and a special peanut butter banana cake last month. As he’s maturing, he’s truly showing his love for working and pleasing his people. He’s been coming on busier and longer outings where we’ve been able to challenge his duration for focus and settling and he’s been blowing us away! We’ve been working diligently on more appropriate meet and greets and he’s becoming more reliable to keep all 4 on the floor. He’s even been able to successfully hold a down during some meet and greets which is a huge improvement for him! He’s becoming more tolerant of his Gentle Leader although at times it overwhelms him and we’re working on managing that. Blue loves trying new things, even when hesitant at first. We’ve seen his confidence grow through exploring on different adventures and he’s always SO proud when he ‘gets’ something new in a different environment! We continue to work on his stair climbing and teaching his back legs to follow his front up the stairs instead of jumping up them and he’s doing well. Blue has been able to settle in newer, noisier and smellier environments and his settling and down stay work has earned him a spot on our front stoop where he loves to watch the neighbourhood go by. We love our serious little guy and all the new adventures we’re experiencing together!

This month Blue went camping for the first time! He was a little unsure at first as to why his new house was outside but he settled in well and his favourite part was teaching himself to swim! We’ve also continued to work on his hind end awareness to approach stairs with confidence and a new skill, ‘back’. His stair climbing has been blowing us away with how much he’s improved! And his ability to approach longer stairs with confidence. Blue has joined us for some patio afternoons and showed that he has translated all of his indoor settling work to busier, noisier and more distracting environments. We’ve been working on cue differentiation in various distracting environments to ‘up the ante’ and further proof his foundational skills! He now knows spin confidently and we’ve started working on Turn. He is great with ‘touch’ and his door manners have been blowing us away. We can confidently open the door when he’s standing there and go out in the front yard knowing he won’t cross the threshold. He’s been successful in sleeping on his mat some nights and staying home alone outside his kennel and we are immensely proud of this mature boy. He’s serious and loving and dedicated and more and more snuggly each day 💙

Blue has really been enjoying the summer weather! He’s been swimming whenever he can because it’s his favourite thing ever. We’ve been finding new sets of stairs to try out as that’s something Blue continues to work on and we are so proud that he’s willing to try any new set he encounters. He had a puppy friend, Captain, visit for a week and we’re impressed by how patient Blue was with this cute little ball of energy and his ability to focus on his cues amidst so much distraction! His new favourite place to relax is out on the cool stone patio where we’ll find him napping in the shade. Blue eagerly comes to work and demonstrates proper meet and greets as well as settling with so much busyness and distractions. He’s come so far from when he first started coming to work when he was just a little pup! This serious and hard-working and loving guy continues to impress us with his dedication and we are soaking up all the puppy kisses he’s been offering!

Blue has been accepted into NSD University as part of our 2023 Spring class!