Friday Feature: The Barlow Family

“In 2006, we started volunteering for NSD for fairly selfish reasons. I’ve always wanted a dog but never had one, and puppy-raising seemed like a good way to try it – free food, free vet bills, and we only had to commit for a year or so. We quickly found out that NSD gave us a sense of purpose beyond what we can achieve through our jobs or hobbies. We were so inspired by NSD’s mission that we became board members to try and do more. We stepped away from NSD for a few years as we began to raise our family, but we always knew we would return. Now that our children are older, we are back to bringing dogs into our home. NSD welcomed us back with open arms, and like a true family, we just picked up where we left off. And now, we are selfishly reaping the benefits of showing our children the importance of volunteering through snuggles and belly rubs with the cutest puppies you can find.”

Thank you to the Barlow Family for all the time they have dedicated to NSD! We are excited to welcome them back into our volunteer community!