Friday Feature: Emma & NSD Samoo

Puppy raiser, NSD, National Service Dogs

“I started volunteering for National Service Dogs because I wanted a purpose and something to work for that is greater than me. Finding NSD and the community of people and dogs that surrounds it was such a blessing. I have been extremely grateful for all of the experiences puppy raising has brought me. Both pups I have raised, Sapphire and Samoo, have taught me many valuable lessons and have given me ample amounts of love and happy memories. I am forever thankful to have had a friend with four paws throughout these difficult times, who always manages to put a smile on my face. I cannot wait for the day when either, or both, of the pups I raised, are placed with their forever families and I can see them change someone’s life, just like they did for me.”

Thank you Emma for all your hard work and dedication!