Cambridge Gaming Association, Charitable Gaming, National Service Dogs

Partnership with the Cambridge Gaming Association

National Service Dogs is proud to partner with the Cambridge Gaming Association through Charitable Gaming.

National Service Dogs started working with the Cambridge Gaming Association in early 2020. At thatNSD time, our volunteers and staff were still able to enter the Cambridge Bingo Centre to assist with bingo nights. However, after two volunteer shifts, the centre had to put volunteer shifts on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We continue to support the efforts of the Ontario Charitable Gaming Association by raising awareness virtually and are hopeful that our staff and volunteers will be able to contribute in-person in 2021.

The contributions made by the Cambridge Gaming Association help cover the costs of food and veterinary care for our puppies in training. Throughout 2020, NSD received a total of $8300.95 through this partnership! Their support is greatly appreciated and allows us to provide even more life-changing dogs at no cost to our clients!

Charitable organizations such as National Service Dogs benefit directly from the growth in revenues and player base at Charitable Gaming Centres. We are honoured to be one of eighty member organizations in Cambridge that benefit from Charitable Gaming. Each of which receives monthly contributions to aid in their operations.  We look forward to continuing our work with the Cambridge Gaming Association and wish all our partners in the Charitable Gaming community the best as we move through another challenging year.

**As of Tuesday, Feb 16th, the Cambridge Bingo and Gaming Centre has reopened.  The Centre is open daily from 11 am to 1 am.  With Waterloo Region in the “Red Zone”, the Centre is allowed 10 Gaming Customers at a time.  The Province of Ontario will be reviewing Health Units every 2 weeks.**