Friday Feature: Madison, Konrad & NSD Roxy

National Service Dogs, Friday Feature

“Hi everyone, Konrad and Madi here!

We have spent the last three years travelling the world, conquering mountains, and growing more in love with life and each other along the way. We just recently spent a year living in New Zealand exploring the beautiful landscapes and immersing ourselves in their culture. Today we find ourselves living a new sort of adventure back here in Ontario together, searching for our next big experience.

Life is full of opportunities and wonders that we have been fortunate enough to experience side by side. Through these wonderful years of exploration, we have had many different people and places be our own private tutors on how to love and send that love back into the world around us.

It is true that it takes a community to raise a child and in this case a furry child with floppy ears. We believe that the lessons in this life we have been privy to, have prepared us to raise a little pup with so much love and compassion. Both of which we know will prepare him or her for their life mission of loyalty and servitude for their forever owner.

Their future owner will not simply have a companion but with them a reminder of the kindness and the very essence of every individual that contributed to raising their best friend. This puppy will forever carry with them the love that the two of us are ready to send back into this wonderful world.”

Thank you, Konrad and Madison for all the hard work and dedication you are putting into raising NSD Roxy!