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Breed: Labrador Retriever

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: November 15, 2020

Sire: DWW Carter

Dam: DWW Ozzie

Litter: ABC

Sponsor: Dogtopia Kitchener

Puppy Raiser: Heather Ryan, Cassidy Carvell

Breeder Caretaker: Stacey Barrett

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Echo has been an absolute dream since he touched down from Alberta on January 25th. He is calm yet inquisitive, and always ready for a new challenge – he has yet to back down or shy away from anything new. I have taken every opportunity to expose him to as many different things as possible – from different people and places to different surfaces and animals. He has demonstrated calmness and focus when around people and other dogs and does very well with both individual walks and pack walks.
His skills are constantly building on each other as he learns quickly and is fueled by challenges…and treats! At home, he is relaxed, even during a knock on the door or fire alarm testing. He will be 6 months in a couple of weeks and I expect him to keep chasing excellence in his journey to being a service dog.

Over the last few months, Echo has been growing and building his confidence with his skills. He has gone on many outings and loves going to work at an ice rink each day with his puppy raiser. Although wheeling hockey bags were scary at first, Echo now loves to sit calmly as participants enter the arena. When Echo is not working, he has been enjoying time learning how to play with his new cat friend, Trixie and eating frozen Kongs with blueberries!

Echo is a year old now! He has been doing very well in his training and has conquered bathtub conditioning with his kitty friend and his fear of bridges. He has joined his raiser on many trips in his jacket including a hockey game, shopping and human parties and aced each one! He is such a sweet dog and is growing up to be a wonderful service dog in training!

Echo has been working on being comfortable walking up a flight of stairs and conquering new skills. Echo has been enjoying his daily outings to his raiser’s workplace and his weekly grocery trip. After a long day at work, he loves to snuggle up to any human that will rub his ears and feed him frozen blueberries as a treat.

Echo’s personality is best described as playful and gentle. He came into our house and immediately was accepted by my two doggos, the kitties have come around now too! His favourite off-duty activity is playing with his pack sister Charlee and being a good boy by settling for cookies throughout the day. Echo has recently overcome a fear of stairs and is currently working on the cue back, which he is picking up extra fast. One of the best perks of being Echo’s adult raiser/breeder caretaker is the morning hugs I get from him. A behaviour his puppy raisers will be happy to hear he’s still practicing very well. Echo’s favourite toys are his kong bounce ball, which has a ball inside it too!! And his squeaky snake which he proudly prances around with while he squeaks all six squeakers the best he can.