ReMax is currently with his volunteer puppy raiser. He is being taught a foundation of house manners and cues, for becoming a well-socialized part of the community.

All of the training and care provided to each dog would not be possible without the support of generous volunteers and donors.

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: July 8, 2019

Sire: JLAD Harold

Dam: PADS Bailey II

Litter: ABC-PADS

Sponsor: Remax/ Twin City Realty Brantford

Puppy Starter: Marti Wisniewski

Puppy Raiser: Lilly Stephenson

Training Updates

ReMax is 9 months old already and has settled in nicely with his Puppy Raiser family. He is currently at the Grade School level of his training where he is attending weekly puppy classes and learning new skills at home such as, staying home alone outside of his crate and adding mild distractions to his day (such as the vacuum, other animals, throwing toys, etc.). In a few months, he will begin high school and be one step closer to becoming a Service Dog!