Without the support of generous volunteers and donors, we would not be able to develop our breeding program and bring more life-changing dogs into the world.

Breed: Labrador Retriever x Bernese

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: January 8, 2020

Sire: LFCDG Bennett

Dam: NSD Grace

Litter: P litter

Puppy Sponsor: Gail and Dave Forbes

Whelping Home: Pat & Bruce Ireland

Puppy Raiser: Tara Kirkby

Adult Raiser: Ina Wilhelm

Breeder Caretaker: Tara Kirkby

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Penny is a smart, active, affectionate girl who loves to learn. She quickly masters any skill and can be very focused. Penny is working hard on harnessing her energy and excitement so she can remain calm and quiet around other dogs and when meeting new people. Penny was recently selected to be a breeder and we are very excited to be part of her journey on this career path.

Penelope welcomed seven healthy puppies on August 25th, four girls and three boys. She has been very attentive and a natural and playful mom to her little ones. Her puppies have recently moved on to puppy starters and Penelope is now back into training mode. She is very confident and can be extremely focused but we continue to work on keeping calm around other dogs and when greeting people.