NSD Paddy

Paddy is currently with his adult raiser. He has started University and goes to NSD for training 5 days a week. When not at NSD, he learns how to settle, cuddle and continue to be a welcomed member of the community. This training will help prepare them to be matched with their client.

All of the training and care provided to each dog would not be possible without the support of generous volunteers and donors.

Breed: Labrador Retriever x Bernese

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: January 8, 2020

Sire: LFCDG Bennett

Dam: NSD Grace

Litter: P litter

Sponsor: Rick Scott

Whelping Home: Pat & Bruce Ireland

Puppy Raiser: John Berge

Adult Raiser: Erin Lee

Training Updates

Paddy is a sweet boy that enjoys going for walks and playing catch in the backyard with his kong. He has very good house manners and responds quickly to commands while inside. He gets compliments from onlookers everywhere we go! We are working on animal distractions while walking and he is improving with his name recall. An absolute joy to be around, this handsome boy is well on his way to being a wonderful service dog!

Paddy continues to impress me every day with how smart and attentive he is. His recall during distractions has significantly improved and he has been working very hard to remain calm when new people come to the door. Recently, Paddy has gotten lots of exposure to smaller children and he is so gentle around them. Getting to take Paddy out in public has been great so far! Paddy has tried lots of new places. He’s confident and very aware of his handler. He still gets many positive comments for his behaviour and his good looks of course!

Paddy has been accepted to NSD University! He will be starting training on November 22nd.

Paddy is a quirky dog and outgoing dog who has a strong drive to work. For the past month, he has been actively learning at University. He has been learning resiliency with their basic obedience. The first few weeks are based around settling in a new environment and learning to offer relaxed behaviours. This allows Paddy to form a positive mindset and be ready to learn with new handlers. The training team is excited to continue to work with Paddy and teach him what he needs to learn in order to become a great service dog.

Paddy has been attending University for 2 months and learning the fundamentals of what will one day make him a great service dog. At this time, Paddy will be taking a break from NSD University due to health concerns.

Pictured: Paddy practicing “chin”

Paddy continues to be an absolutely joy to raise. His big, human-like personality makes him a hit with all house guests. He continues to do well while out in jacket as well as keeping up with his skills within the home. I am excited to see him excel back at University as he continues on his journey. Go Pad!

Paddy is perseverant, eager, and confident. He has been working hard while in University. In the past few weeks, Paddy has been working on generalizing newly acquired skills such as ‘nudge’ and ‘lap’. He has also been improving reliability when it comes to previously acquired cues such as ‘mat’ and ‘under’. The training team, in collaboration with his adult raiser, is continuing to work with Paddy on settling, cuddling, body handling, and grooming.
Paddy is currently deciding between NSD’s PTSD program and NSD’s Autism Program as his possible career path.