NSD Nelson

Nelson is currently with his adult raiser. He will continue to work hard on generalizing his cues and house manners in a new environment, with a new handler. This stage of training is to prepare them for University.

All of the training and care provided to each dog would not be possible without the support of generous volunteers and donors.

Breed: Lab x Golden Retriever

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: September 29, 2019

Sire: PADS Zegen

Dam: NSD Hadie

Litter: N litter


Whelping Home:

Puppy Raiser: Brenda Wildfong

Adult Raiser: Rosemary Thuss

Training Updates

Nelson made the big move from his puppy raiser family to his adult raiser family a few weeks ago. He shows his family every day what a smart pup he is. Nelson knows when it’s time to work and when it’s time to play! He’s most proud when he stays on his mat and walks loose leash.

Nelson has shown the children in his family his sensitive and calm side as he has taken to comforting them during meltdowns. Nelson also loves to romp around in freshly fallen snow, playing chase with his family dog.

Spring is here and Nelson has found his favourite spot in the backyard to enjoy his mid-afternoon naps in the sun. With the nice weather, Nelson has moved his classroom outdoors to practice his skills with distractions. Nelson’s strong recall has been helpful to his adult raiser at the dog park before he turns from a black pup to a brown pup!