NSD Hammond

Hammond is currently with his adult raiser. He has started University and goes to NSD for training 4 days a week. When not at NSD, he learns how to settle, cuddle and continue to be a welcomed member of the community. This training will help prepare them to be matched with their client.

All of the training and care provided to each dog would not be possible without the support of generous volunteers and donors.

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: May 9, 2019

Sire: SEGD Howie

Dam: SEGD Grace

Litter: SEGD – Donated

Sponsor: Brian Babcock & Debi Campbell

Puppy Raiser:

Adult Raiser: Robb Bendus, Joyce Barlow

Training Updates

Hammond is getting very good with ‘over’ and putting his Haltie on (even though he hates it).  He is excellent at ‘leave it’ which reallyNational Service Dogs, NSD helps when I see a dog ahead otherwise he loses his mind. We continue to work on ‘visit’ and made a major improvement noted for ‘OFF’.  When he is thinking about jumping up – we have a great routine….some indoor training ending with a wrestle (he made me say ‘uncle’ today)….then some quiet time. His walking is ok provided the award is kibble although we have had some success trying other things. He has a great time playing with a neighbours’ dog, but he hasn’t mastered my grandchildren yet. He is getting better…they are ages 3 and 1 so are quite small and he gets very excited.

Hammond is very well-tempered. He’s been refining all of his commands and skills and grown to be very patient with our family’s quirks. Waiting on his mat for his food as my daughter figures it all out (it takes a lot longer), walking alongside our 14-year-old senior dog, and laying in a sunbeam while we work on computers for hours. He listens well to anyone who holds the leash and has treats. Our son and daughter confidently walk him; and he is so patient with the constant pets, snuggles, and hugs. We can’t wait for him to start University and start refining his skills to become a service dog. He is definitely ready for this new challenge!

Hammond will start his training at NSD University on May 25th.