NSD Cindy

Cindy is currently with her volunteer puppy raiser. She is being taught a foundation of house manners and cues, for becoming a well-socialized part of the community.

All of the training and care provided to each dog would not be possible without the support of generous volunteers and donors.

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: August 25, 2020

Sire: SEGD Keller

Dam: DWW Cali

Litter: ABC

Sponsor: In Memory of David Keenleyside

Puppy Raiser: Renate Polle, Brenda and Brian Wildfong

Adult Raiser:

Training Updates

Cindy is settling in quite well.  She is very eager to please and make the right choices.  She is good at sitting, down, leave it and dropNSD, National Service Dogs, puppy raiser, volunteer it when instructed.  She is learning under.  She is good at doing a sit-and-down stay.  We have been working on down stay for a longer duration even when the handler leaves the room for a moment.  We often practice our sit stays on our morning walks.  She rarely breaks the stay. She is great about going into her crate at night and usually does not need to get out during the night. Cindy is doing well on her visits to public places (stores).  She is working on meet and greets (without jumping).  Cindy is a very sweet puppy and we are really enjoying her. 

Cindy is a very clever happy puppy. She enjoys being around people in the household. Wherever we are, she is close by. She continues to work hard to settle when there are visitors to the home or when she meets someone new outside. Cindy is progressing very well on loose leash walking. She loves to go on walks but also loves the sniff breaks. She is not a huge fan of putting her paws in the water, but she working on it. Cindy adores (almost too much 🙂 )her housemate, Abby (a mini-dachshund). Yet, she is learning to leave Abby when Abby has had enough attention. She is enjoying the opportunity to wear her NSD jacket in public again now that she is allowed to run errands with the puppy raisers. She behaves very well in jacket. We are very proud of Cindy!