Friday Feature: Sue

“I sought out NSD after reading the book Sully, about the pilot who landed his passenger jet on the Hudson River. I was newly retired as a speech pathologist and was looking for a volunteer opportunity. In the book, Sully told how he and his family had raised service dog puppies for 16 years. It was a blinding “aha” moment for me. I immediately looked into organizations near my home. I found NSD online and never looked back. Six months later, we were raising our first NSD puppy.
I particularly love taking my puppies into public spaces. I enjoy teaching people about NSD programs and talking about all things puppy. It is so very difficult to part with your puppy when they enter advanced training but the satisfaction I get from knowing this puppy will go on to greater things outweighs the sadness of saying goodbye.”

Thank you Sue for all your hard work and dedication to NSD!