“I am a mother of four adult children and have had one or two dogs at a time through the last 30 years ( six in total. They have been a part of my everyday life and sharing my love, also a significant part of our family. I joined NSD as a Puppy raiser after I retired from a full and active nursing career. By raising an NSD puppy I continued to give to people in need of support, promoting good health and supportive companionship. There are so many people with special needs in this world I am privileged to be a part of the NSD mission. With my love of puppies and all dogs, as well as my passion for caring for people, I am excited to continue using my positive dog training skills. I truly have found my place as an NSD Volunteer. The quality training I received to help these dogs become Life Changers has been rewarding, fun and inspiring. I was involved with raising NDS Beauty born in 2017 and she is a successful NSD Autism dog for a lovely young boy and his family. My heart has grown so much from this experience. I also do puppy sitting and driving, even assisted raising a young pup just for the first few weeks until its regular raisers could take over. Looking forward to any opportunity that will assist these pups to get the love, training and skills to be a Life Changer for someone needing their support.”

Thank you Rosemary for all the love and time you put into these dogs!