NSD Mocha

Mocha is currently with her adult raiser. She has started Companion College and goes to NSD for training 2 days a week. When not at NSD, she learns how to settle, cuddle and continue to be a welcomed member of the community. This training will help prepare them to be matched with their client.

All of the training and care provided to each dog would not be possible without the support of generous volunteers and donors.

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: March 11, 2019

Sire: PADS Zegen

Dam: DWW Cali

Litter: DWW R Litter

Puppy Sponsor: Cambridge Shriners

Puppy Raiser: Carey Fontyn

Breeder Caretaker: Carey Fontyn

Adult Raiser: Alison Wardrop

Training Updates

Mocha has been attending University for just over a month and learning the fundamentals of what will one day make her a great service dog. During this time, she has been working on acquiring important movement skills as well as how to position herself around her handler. Mocha has also been practicing ignoring distractions of all types and performing in high distraction areas. Due to her breeding career and her spay recovery, Mocha is a month behind the other Unversity learners. Once she reliably understands these fundamentals, we will start applying these principles towards learning specific tasks that will one day serve her client. Mocha is slowly blossoming in Univesity. She has taken to learning and is now excited to learn. We are looking forward to seeing her progress at University.

Pictured: Mocha practicing “chin” with apprentice trainer, Emma.

NSD Mocha has been selected for our Companion Program!

Mocha has finished training as a companion dog and will be placed with her client in June!