Sarah, Ryan & Lally

“Lally’s first rule of life is to party. Every morning when she wakes, it is the best day of her life. She greets you with a smile and a tail wag that sometimes she can’t even keep up with. From nose to tail, she wags her entire being and you can’t help but love her more.
Lally has changed our world in more ways than we could have ever imagined. With her zest for life and endless amounts of energy, she shines wherever she goes. Lally finds her way into your heart. She has a gentle soul and likes to tuck herself up in your lap for a cuddle. Lally is wise beyond her years but never hesitates to be a little bit goofy. We are stopped by strangers daily telling us they’ve never met a dog like her.
Lally has taught us so much patience, and how a smile and a laugh can brighten even the toughest moments. We have learned how to find stillness in the mornings to start her day and even when moments are tough, she reminds us to check-in, breathe and be present with her.
Raising her with the help of National Service Dogs has been an incredible journey and an unforgettable experience. We have truly enjoyed our time with Lally, and although we are so sad to soon say goodbye, we know Lally has a big life ahead. We have no doubt she will bring joy to whoever she encounters next!”

Thank you Sarah and Ryan for giving Lally a great start and lots of love!