Renate & NSD Spud

“Deciding to work as a puppy raiser with NSD has been incredibly rewarding. I choose to volunteer as a raiser to not only give my daily life more purpose but also to be a part of something that is bigger than me. Being part of this community has been so exciting and makes you feel more connected with people in the community, that share a common passion and interests. Watching Spud learn and grow has been amazing and even though it isn’t always sunshine and rainbows it is comforting to know that I have a whole team behind me ready to help in any way they can, making any obstacle I have seem much smaller. I wouldn’t change a thing because together Spud and I have learned so many amazing lessons together! I can’t wait to see where he will end up and how much he will enrich someone else’s life.”

Thank you Renate for all the hard work and dedication you put into raising NSD Spud.