National Volunteer Week

Office Volunteers

As you have seen all week there are so many volunteers who work directly with the dogs. However, none of this could be possible without a group of volunteers who support our ‘behind the scenes’ activities. We have volunteers who help with events and fundraising, administrative duties, property maintenance, and a ton of other one-off tasks we look for support in. These volunteers make it so all our training can happen and we want to thank them all so much!

Laura is a ‘behind the scenes’ volunteer supporting a variety of different administrative tasks. Laura has a very special connection to our organization through her late father. Our annual event is now in his memory, the Harry Watts Memorial Motorcycle Ride held each July. Here is Laura’s story:

“I discovered National Service Dogs thanks to my Dad, Harry Watts. He began donating the profits from his book The Dispatch Rider to help NSD. I was fortunate to meet some clients and their dogs, and realize the huge impact NSD has on their lives.

If I can contribute in any small way, to continue the amazing work NSD does, it is a pleasure to volunteer my time.”