National Volunteer Week

Puppy Sitting

Throughout all ages of an NSD dog’s lives, they rely on support from sitters. Sitters provide so much value on an NSD dogs training by providing new training opportunities, relaxation time on weekends, and a cuddle buddy. We are so thankful for all our sitters. They always take on the challenge of welcoming a new dog into their home, loving them, and working through challenges that come along with each dog.

Here is one of our longtime volunteers, Elissa. She has done many different volunteer roles for us and is always willing to help out when needed. Elissa goes above and beyond, especially recently when she took on a short term sitting opportunity that turned into a long term stay. She is always supportive where we need her most. Here is her story:

“My story with National Service Dogs starts years ago when my family signed up to be one of the first volunteer puppy raisers for National Service Dogs, raising NSD London. I remember going to every puppy training class with my dad until NSD London eventually graduated and was placed into the Autism Service Dogs program. We were so thrilled to see and hear how greatly NSD London impacted his forever family.

We decided to raise again with NSD Quincee. She ended up going into the breeding program for National Service Dogs and her puppies became future life changers. I remember waking up early to help take care of the puppies before running off to school. This is one of my favorite childhood memories. Quincee eventually because our family pet after she was no longer a breeder and thus ended my families involvement with National Service Dogs.

Years later, I saw an ad on National Service Dogs’ Facebook page that they were looking for more puppy raisers. After discussing this opportunity with my husband, we decided to sign up and go through the application process to bring home a puppy.

NSD Webster came home with us in May 2017 and immediately stole our hearts. Webster was always very intuitive and taught me more about myself and got me through more hardships in our time together than I could have even done for him. He graduated into the Companion program and is well loved by his forever family.

Three days after Webster left our home for advanced training we brought home a new puppy- NSD Gatsby. Unfortunately Gatsby was eventually disqualified from the program because of very severe allergies but he continues to provide love and support as a VIP (very important pet).

After Gatsby I became involved with weekend sitting for dogs in the advanced training program, helping in the whelping homes for National Service Dogs, as well as taking in short term placement dogs as needed.

I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every role that I have had the privilege of participating in and can say that it is only getting better with time. I continue to see growth and positive change throughout each of these programs and operations at National Service Dogs and I am proud to be a part of such an amazing organization that helps so many people. If you are considering getting involved with NSD but are unsure, I encourage you to take the leap and do it- you won’t be disappointed.”