NSD Sammy

Sammy is currently with his adult raiser. He has started College and goes to NSD for training 2 days a week. When not at NSD, he learns how to settle, cuddle and continue to be a welcomed member of the community. This training will help prepare him to be matched with his client.

All of the training and care provided to each dog would not be possible without the support of generous volunteers and donors.

Breed: Lab x Golden Retriever

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: September 23, 2020

Sire: CGDB Striker

Dam: NSD Hazel

Litter: S litter

Sponsor: Donner Canadian Foundation

Whelping Home: Keisha Heeringa

Puppy Starter: Karleen Waters

Puppy Raiser: Kristin Hohenadel

Adult Raiser: Linda Zettel

Training Updates

Sammy is 7 months old already and has settled in nicely with his Puppy Raiser family. He is currently at the Grade School level of his training where he is attending weekly puppy classes and learning new skills at home such as, staying home alone outside of his crate and adding mild distractions to his day (such as the vacuum, other animals, throwing toys, etc.). In a few months, he will begin high school and be one step closer to becoming a Service Dog!

Sammy starts every morning with a proud wagging tail as he presents his puppy raiser with whichever toy is his favourite that day. He parades back and forth with it in his mouth. Sammy loves that we are finally allowed back into stores. He is great at waiting in lines. He is learning that the social distancing stickers on the ground are not actually puppy treats for eating. Sammy has been spending time at a horse barn and loves to watch the horses. As a teenager, he is testing his boundaries with loose leash walking. He is working hard to remember that walks move at his puppy raiser’s pace. Sammy is a happy guy who loves playing keep-away with other dogs, chewing on stuffed toys and eating vegetables as treats.

Sammy is a curious and happy guy. He has been working hard on keeping his focus while walking in public. When he was little he was afraid of toddlers but now he is confident and calm around them. He will let them come right up to him and pet him at the mall while he lays down quietly. He can’t wait to get out and practice again after he recovers from being neutered.

Sammy is a very sweet boy. He comes to work with me most days and is loved by everyone. He is very excited to be part of a new pilot program and will be soon attending NSD’s Companion College.

Sammy has been accepted into Companion College! He will start his training in the coming month to become a Companion Dog.

Sammy is very excited to be starting companion college in June. He is a sweet goofy boy who is working hard on his dog distraction so he can walk confidently in the neighborhood.