NSD Naney

Naney is currently with his adult raiser. He will continue to work hard on generalizing his cues and house manners in a new environment, with a new handler. This stage of training is to prepare them for University.

All of the training and care provided to each dog would not be possible without the support of generous volunteers and donors.

Breed: Labrador Retriever x Bernese

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: August 1, 2020

Sire: LFCDG Indigo

Dam: NSD Yasha

Litter: Q litter

Sponsor: Martinrea

Whelping Home: Pat & Bruce Ireland

Puppy Starter: Pat & Bruce Ireland

Puppy Raiser: Frances Lindsay

Adult Raiser: Gail Densmore

Training Updates

Naney is a super loving clumsy pup, always looking for a cuddle. We’re working on focusing in busy areas with other dogs around.National Service Dogs, NSD He’s gotten amazing at his recall and checking in on leash while walking.

Naney is a fun-loving pup who is always looking to find a new adventure by following his nose. He is super sweet and gentle with kids and loves all the belly rubs when he lays calmly beside them. We are working on public outings and he is rocking them! This pup has a bright future ahead of him.

Naney has been accepted to NSD University! He will be starting training on November 22nd.

Naney is a goofy and laid-back dog. For the past month, he has been actively learning at University. He has been learning resiliency with their basic obedience. The first few weeks are based around settling in a new environment and learning to offer relaxed behaviours. This allows Naney to form a positive mindset and be ready to learn with new handlers. The training team is excited to continue to work with Naney and teach him what he needs to learn in order to become a great service dog.

Naney has been attending University for 2 months and learning the fundamentals of what will one day make him a great service dog. These past months, he has been working on acquiring important movement skills as well as how to position himself around his handler. Naney has also been practicing ignoring distractions of all types and performing in high distraction areas. Now that he reliably understands the fundamentals, we are excited to start applying these principles towards learning specific tasks that will one day serve his client. Naney has been a joy to work with. His temperament is a great combination of calmness and eagerness to work. We are excited to see him flourish!

Pictured: Naney practicing “chin” with apprentice trainer, Emma.

Naney has been selected for our PTSD program! He will be matched with a client soon and graduate in May!